Many program parameters can be set in the config file, found by default at ~/.fyrd/config.txt.

This file has three sections with the following defaults:


max_jobs (int):     sets the maximum number of running jobs before
                    submission will pause and wait for the queue to empty
sleep_len (int):    sets the amount of time the program will wait between
                    submission attempts
queue_update (int): sets the amount of time between refreshes of the queue.
res_time (int):     Time in seconds to wait if a job is in an uncertain
                    state, usually preempted or suspended. These jobs often
                    resolve into running or completed again after some time
                    so it makes sense to wait a bit, but not forever. The
                    default is 45 minutes: 2700 seconds.
queue_type (str):   the type of queue to use, one of 'torque', 'slurm',
                    'local', 'auto'. Default is auto to auto-detect the


clean_files (bool):    means that by default files will be deleted when job
clean_outputs (bool):  is the same but for output files (they are saved
file_block_time (int): Max amount of time to block after job completes in
                       the queue while waiting for output files to appear.
                       Some queues can take a long time to copy files under
                       load, so it is worth setting this high, it won't
                       block unless the files do not appear.
filepath (str):        Path to write all temp and output files by default,
                       must be globally cluster accessible. Note: this is
                       *not* the runtime path, just where files are written
suffix (str):          The suffix to use when writing scripts and output
auto_submit (bool):    If wait() or get() are called prior to submission,
                       auto-submit the job. Otherwise throws an error and
                       returns None
generic_python (bool): Use /usr/bin/env python instead of the current
                       executable, not advised, but sometimes necessary.
profile_file (str):    the config file where profiles are defined.


Sets options for the local queue system, will be removed in the future in
favor of database.

jobno (int):  The current job number for the local queue, auto-increments
              with every submission.

Example file:

res_time = 2700
queue_type = auto
sleep_len = 1
queue_update = 2
max_jobs = 1000
bool = True

suffix = cluster
file_block_time = 12
filepath = None
clean_outputs = False
auto_submit = True
profile_file = /Users/dacre/.fyrd/profiles.txt
clean_files = True
generic_python = False

jobno = 9

The config is managed by fyrd/ and enforces a minimum set of entries. If the config does not exist or any entries are missing, they will be created on the fly using the defaults defined in the defaults.