Fyrd’s Documentation

Submit jobs to compute clusters with slurm, torque, or simple multiprocessing.

Author Michael D Dacre <mike.dacre@gmail.com>
License MIT License, property of Stanford, use as you wish
Version 0.6.1-beta.4
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Pronounced ‘feared’ (sort of), Anglo-Saxon for an army, particularly an army of freemen (an army of nodes). Formerly known as ‘Python Cluster’.

Allows simple job submission with dependency tracking and queue waiting with either torque, slurm, or locally with the multiprocessing module. It uses simple techiques to avoid overwhelming the queue and to catch bugs on the fly.

For complete documentation see the documentation site and the Fyrd.pdf document in this repository.

NOTE: This software is still in beta, the scripts in bin/ do not all function properly and the software has not been fully tested on slurm systems. Please report any problems to the github issues page. Version 0.6.2 will resolve all of these outstanding bugs.

NOTE: While this software is extremely powerful for pure python-based cluster job submission, snakemake is possibly a better choice for very large workflows.

In the future this code will work with Makefiles and will be more robust, but it needs further development before that happens, for now it can just be used as a simple python submission library.